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Office : 021 703 0042
Bruce : 081 510 8778
Alternate : 081 555 4828
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Address : Unit 21, Hyde Park,
Ottery Road, Ottery

Starfair has been in operation since 2005.  The company is Level 1 BEE accredited.  Having started out as a business consulting firm assisting clients in establishing, growing, financing and managing their businesses, the business has now evolved into 4 distinct areas:

  • Insurance Claims:
    We are an accredited service provider for various insurance companies whereby we attend to various types of insurance claims.
  • Fibre installation:
    We have been operating in this newly established field within SA, since 2016.  We offer OSP and ISP services.
  • Maintenance and renovations:
    We offer a range of services and products ranging from, but not limited to, building, roofing, ceilings and partitioning, electrical and plumbing.
  • Training and development:
    We hope to be expanding this aspect of the business shortly after having successfully run a few learnerships with the Media, Information and Communication Technologies Sector Education and Training Authority (MICT Seta).
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